Garage conversion incoming

Some great news to share with you today. We have finally got round to starting work on out garage conversion. We’re looking to transform that area into a gaming or office room which will be exciting.

But as it stands, there is plenty of work to be done, with resurfacing the floor to level it, then major insulation and heating work too. No one wants to work in the freezing cold, so it’s really important to us that we get that completed by the time next winter rolls round.

the garage conversionHad a few drinks with friends at the weekend, and have managed to enlist a couple of friends with pulling down the inner walls and several other heavy lifting projects.

To finish it all off, we are going to be going for a nice cream colored carpet, along with a interesting wallpaper that my wife picked out, which she hasn’t yet sold me on. There will be discussions on that, lol.

Essentially, it’s a joint effort to get the various decorations, and finishing touches made, and one that is starting to take shape, even though the finished garage is quite a way off being complete. However, the basics are getting finished, like knocking the walls down, and purchasing various insulation products for the walling, which can only be seen as a positive.

Hopefully, I will have updates and progress pictures in about two weeks, which is when we believe it will be complete. Stay tuned.