Working on yard maintenance

Now since we purchased this home, there was quite a bit of work to be done in the back yard. There are some unsightly bushes and plants along with shrubbery that are all overgrown. Not to mention, the back patio is covered in all kinds of weeds.

We have been looking at ways we can easily address these issues, and in the case of the overgrown plants and trees lining the fences, we found a possible solution by using a pole saw. Now these are pretty much pruners on the end of a pole, that offer the extra reach that saves the need of getting up on ladders and possibly injuring yourself. We’ve looked around the garden tool market and found a great site “Pole Saw Picks” that has an extremely helpful buyers guide on electric and gas pole saws that will ultimately save us cash when shopping.

On top of that, we have been on a mission to get a new mower, and looking for an effective way to deal with the weed situation that has taken hold of the patio, which is unfortunate as we could be having barbecues up there in a couple of months, as it offers a great view of the surrounding scenery and plenty of space for eating and cooking.

Then we will be looking to buy a small garden shed that will hold the majority of tools, pruners, DIY stuff in one place without it being a danger to anyone when it’s not in use. It will most likely be small. We’re not too worried about how it looks or the material in the construction, just whether or not it’s solid enough and has a good enough lock on the door to keep the thousands of dollars worth of tools safe when we sleep.

We also have some ivy that crawls up the back of the wall, while in some house designs it can look great and homely, but we feel it’s overwhelming what the rest of the house is capable of looks wise. So that will be another job myself and the wife will be doing up a ladder to get rid of.

Overall, the plans are taking place inside and outside the home, there just seems to be a never ending flow of tasks like trimming, pruning, mowing, and at times it’s hard to see where the end is. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.