Installing heating and other things

Hey guys, just a quick update from us. We have started ticking off items from our list of DIY projects, more specifically, this week marked the completion of getting heating installed in all the rooms.

We had been getting by on having portable and electric options, but we’re glad that we now have permanent solutions in place. For example, the living area now has a great pellet stove in place which warm home guide helped us pick. We were sold on the amount of pellets it could store, which makes light work of refueling because you don’t have to do it so often. The heat output it provides is exceptional, and it makes a real difference in the evening on the couch.

Most of the house is attached to the central heating system now or boiler if you like. Which we control by thermostat, and we finally have a home which we are in complete control of the temperatures, where before it was a bit of a roller coaster ride, freezing in the winter, overly hot in the summer.

The only thing left to do is the garage heating, for which, we are planning to give a bit of a makeover, and turn it into a games room for the kids with a nice TV set up, along with a pool table. We have the choice between a infrared and gas heater in there as it will most likely need to be a temporary or portable heating solution in the long run, because it won’t get used often enough.

So, that’s the heating situation so far, and we’re glad to finally share with our readers that we finally have a warm home. It’s taken quite a bit of work, but slowly and surely everything is coming together. But there is plenty more building work to be completed for the other rooms in the house.