My life journey to building the perfect home

It’s always been a dream of mine to create the perfect family household in the best location possible for my budget. After a good ten years of searching, I believe I have found it in Pittsburg.

I use the term perfect loosely as we all have our own ideas of perfection, and in my case it was wanting to settle into a beautiful home and renovate it to fit my visions.

The local area is fantastic, with plenty of bars and restaurants within 10 minutes driving distance as well as plenty of scenic routes to stretch your legs hiking, All that lays the foundation for the house, which is in a quiet suburban area and surrounded by wildlife and forests.

This blog will act as a running journal on what I am doing to improve each and every room in the house, be it lighting, wallpapers, bathroom fixtures, or something completely different like the furniture purchased.

I have been compiling plenty of ideas from various home improvement websites on the net, and am looking to bring a few of those ideas to life in the coming years. It will be a long journey, but I am looking forward to it, and feel very fortunate to be able to do this.

The living area

When I walk into the living area, my first thoughts are the lack of color and light in the room. Understandable considering there isn’t a carpet fitted yet, and the wallpaper needs changing.

So one of my first tasks will be to find ways to spruce up this room and make it an area suitable for sitting in front of the TV, or just hanging out with friends and family on the couch.

A lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss either. Something cream that will brighten up the area when the sun hits it through the windows.

The other thing I always envisioned was a great fireplace area that brings tremendous warmth and homeliness. I don’t mind if this comes in the form of a good wood stove, or something simpler like a fireplace insert. Undecided on this at this current point in time.

The bathroom

This is one of the only areas I was quit pleased with upon purchase of the property. The only thing it lacks really is a walk in shower. Other than that, there is a spacious bath tub, a modern sink, and dual flush toilet. There will be slight changes in here, but for the most part, i’m happy.

The Kitchen