Garage conversion incoming

Some great news to share with you today. We have finally got round to starting work on out garage conversion. We’re looking to transform that area into a gaming or office room which will be exciting.

But as it stands, there is plenty of work to be done, with resurfacing the floor to level it, then major insulation and heating work too. No one wants to work in the freezing cold, so it’s really important to us that we get that completed by the time next winter rolls round.

the garage conversionHad a few drinks with friends at the weekend, and have managed to enlist a couple of friends with pulling down the inner walls and several other heavy lifting projects.

To finish it all off, we are going to be going for a nice cream colored carpet, along with a interesting wallpaper that my wife picked out, which she hasn’t yet sold me on. There will be discussions on that, lol.

Essentially, it’s a joint effort to get the various decorations, and finishing touches made, and one that is starting to take shape, even though the finished garage is quite a way off being complete. However, the basics are getting finished, like knocking the walls down, and purchasing various insulation products for the walling, which can only be seen as a positive.

Hopefully, I will have updates and progress pictures in about two weeks, which is when we believe it will be complete. Stay tuned.

Working on yard maintenance

Now since we purchased this home, there was quite a bit of work to be done in the back yard. There are some unsightly bushes and plants along with shrubbery that are all overgrown. Not to mention, the back patio is covered in all kinds of weeds.

We have been looking at ways we can easily address these issues, and in the case of the overgrown plants and trees lining the fences, we found a possible solution by using a pole saw. Now these are pretty much pruners on the end of a pole, that offer the extra reach that saves the need of getting up on ladders and possibly injuring yourself. We’ve looked around the garden tool market and found a great site “Pole Saw Picks” that has an extremely helpful buyers guide on electric and gas pole saws that will ultimately save us cash when shopping.

On top of that, we have been on a mission to get a new mower, and looking for an effective way to deal with the weed situation that has taken hold of the patio, which is unfortunate as we could be having barbecues up there in a couple of months, as it offers a great view of the surrounding scenery and plenty of space for eating and cooking.

Then we will be looking to buy a small garden shed that will hold the majority of tools, pruners, DIY stuff in one place without it being a danger to anyone when it’s not in use. It will most likely be small. We’re not too worried about how it looks or the material in the construction, just whether or not it’s solid enough and has a good enough lock on the door to keep the thousands of dollars worth of tools safe when we sleep.

We also have some ivy that crawls up the back of the wall, while in some house designs it can look great and homely, but we feel it’s overwhelming what the rest of the house is capable of looks wise. So that will be another job myself and the wife will be doing up a ladder to get rid of.

Overall, the plans are taking place inside and outside the home, there just seems to be a never ending flow of tasks like trimming, pruning, mowing, and at times it’s hard to see where the end is. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Installing heating and other things

Hey guys, just a quick update from us. We have started ticking off items from our list of DIY projects, more specifically, this week marked the completion of getting heating installed in all the rooms.

We had been getting by on having portable and electric options, but we’re glad that we now have permanent solutions in place. For example, the living area now has a great pellet stove in place which warm home guide helped us pick. We were sold on the amount of pellets it could store, which makes light work of refueling because you don’t have to do it so often. The heat output it provides is exceptional, and it makes a real difference in the evening on the couch.

Most of the house is attached to the central heating system now or boiler if you like. Which we control by thermostat, and we finally have a home which we are in complete control of the temperatures, where before it was a bit of a roller coaster ride, freezing in the winter, overly hot in the summer.

The only thing left to do is the garage heating, for which, we are planning to give a bit of a makeover, and turn it into a games room for the kids with a nice TV set up, along with a pool table. We have the choice between a infrared and gas heater in there as it will most likely need to be a temporary or portable heating solution in the long run, because it won’t get used often enough.

So, that’s the heating situation so far, and we’re glad to finally share with our readers that we finally have a warm home. It’s taken quite a bit of work, but slowly and surely everything is coming together. But there is plenty more building work to be completed for the other rooms in the house.

My life journey to building the perfect home

It’s always been a dream of mine to create the perfect family household in the best location possible for my budget. After a good ten years of searching, I believe I have found it in Pittsburg.

I use the term perfect loosely as we all have our own ideas of perfection, and in my case it was wanting to settle into a beautiful home and renovate it to fit my visions.

The local area is fantastic, with plenty of bars and restaurants within 10 minutes driving distance as well as plenty of scenic routes to stretch your legs hiking, All that lays the foundation for the house, which is in a quiet suburban area and surrounded by wildlife and forests.

This blog will act as a running journal on what I am doing to improve each and every room in the house, be it lighting, wallpapers, bathroom fixtures, or something completely different like the furniture purchased.

I have been compiling plenty of ideas from various home improvement websites on the net, and am looking to bring a few of those ideas to life in the coming years. It will be a long journey, but I am looking forward to it, and feel very fortunate to be able to do this.

The living area

decorating the living areaWhen I walk into the living area, my first thoughts are the lack of color and light in the room. Understandable considering there isn’t a carpet fitted yet, and the wallpaper needs changing.

So one of my first tasks will be to find ways to spruce up this room and make it an area suitable for sitting in front of the TV, or just hanging out with friends and family on the couch.

A lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss either. Something cream that will brighten up the area when the sun hits it through the windows.

The other thing I always envisioned was a great fireplace area that brings tremendous warmth and homeliness. I don’t mind if this comes in the form of a good wood stove, or something simpler like a fireplace insert. Undecided on this at this current point in time.

The bathroom

This is one of the only areas I was quit pleased with upon purchase of the property. The only thing it lacks really is a walk in shower and a good toilet. Other than that, there is a spacious bath tub, a modern sink, and dual flush toilet. There will be slight changes in here, but for the most part, i’m happy. You can learn more about toilets using these resources:

The Kitchen

I see plenty of opportunities when I look at the kitchen. The counter top needs replacing, as do the cupboards and sink. I’m not a big fan of the taps so I am looking for some new kitchen faucets with a modern design.

Hopefully by changing some of these things I can create a bit more space for cooking etc. Which is something that it lacks presently.

The lighting can certainly be improved upon too, and I have always been a fan of under cabinet lighting, and spotlights. Undecided on the sort of colors as of yet, but possibly a very light blue, with cream tiles on the sink area.

A nice new stove is being delivered shortly, so that will be one of the first things I install. It’s stainless steel, so want to ensure the rest of the room matches that decor wise.

The master bedroom

We have moved our old bed to this house, so no changes needed on that front. But the bedroom walls and flooring certainly need changes. We are thinking a wooden floor, varnished, along with a simple wall paper that isn’t over the top.

There are plenty of other shortcomings in the house, such as the heating and quality of water filtration. Getting this list of building projects complete will be difficult, but I am taking inspiration from some of the best home renovation websites on the web to help keep me motivated, and turn my dreams into reality.